Sunday, May 27, 2007

Spoilage of frozen chicken product

Frozen poultry products do not usually undergo microbial spoilage. Maybe some yeasts and molds can grow on frozen meaat at temp. as low as -7ºC. Cadosporium herbaum ( causing black spots); Thamnidium elegans ( causing whisker-like growth); and Sporotrichum carnis ( causing white spots).
Spoilage of frozen poultry products usually occurs during thawing or stored at refrigerated temperature from sufficient time. The water that released from thawing is hazardous as it may contain pathogen like Campylobacter jejuni and Clostridium perfringens.
Enzymatic activity can cause off-flavour in frozen poultry products that are stored for prolonged periods. The extent of product deterioration will vary with the type of product, method of processing and packaging, and storage conditions.
To ensure the standard of microbiology and safety of frozen poultry products. Chilled carcasses must be packaged , promptly frozen, and held at or near -18ºC. Carcasses must be thawed in a manner that decomposition is limited and growth of microbial is prevented. * Both thawing poultry and thawing water should be prevented from contacting ready-to-eat foods.

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